Día de la Revolución Mexicana Nov. 20

VAMONOS_A_LA_REVOLUCION_1 Día de la Revolución Mexicana Nov. 20

Nov. 20th will mark the 101st anniversary of Mexico’s Revolution Day (Monday 11/21 is a bank holiday). As the second most celebrated date in Mexico, next to the festivities of El Grito and Independence Day on Sept. 16, Mexican Revolution Day is honored with parades and fanfare across the country. From the early days of November the Fire Department and members from the Red Cross have been seen at night practicing their march up and down Blvd. Freemont in anticipation of the Nov. 20 parade that will showcase schools, athletes, and other local groups.  Last year’s event, which marked the centennial year of the Mexican Revolution, drew crowds out to line Blvd. Juarez, donning colorful folkloric dress from the Revolutionary period while showcasing the talents of young athletes, and numerous color guards.  This year’s Revolution Day parade will start around 8 a.m. on Sunday, Nov. 20th and march down Blvd. Juarez to near the baseball stadium.

Artwork: Vámonos a la Revolución ~ Roberto Gonzalez Brodie



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