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Día de la Marina Centennial Celebration

Press Release

Puerto Peñasco, Sonora. June 1, 2017.  Puerto Peñasco Mayor Kiko Munro, along with authorities from the Mexican Navy, and representatives from the three levels of government, led ceremonies on the malecón to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Día de la Marina. During the ceremony, Port Captain Luis Castro Galán read the history of the Agreement published on April 11, 1942, signed by then President General Manuel Ávila Camacho, declaring June 1st as National Día de la Marina. This date, he explained, marks the establishment of a civic ideal by the national maritime sector, which benefited from nationalizing the Mexican Navy on June 1, 1917, in adherence to Constitutional Article 32.

Officials then took part in laying a wreath at Fishermen’s monument in the malecón, followed by a minute of silence for all who have been lost at sea. After the civic ceremony, the mayor together with civic and military authorities, took part in the official flag raising for the commercial boats Sarahí; Daba García; Luis Alberto I; y Lely I.  This was the first time this had been part of the Día de la Marina activities in Puerto Peñasco. Officials and guests then boarded the Intrepid and headed out to open sea, placing floral wreaths upon the waves in honor of those who have fallen at sea in fulfillment of their duties.

As part of the Centennial celebrations of Día de la Marina, the municipal administration, together with civil and military authorities, paid recognition to the founding fishermen of Puerto Peñasco.

During the moving ceremony, authorities presented recognitions to family members of the deceased: Roberto Gamboa García, “El Villaescuza”, Julián Angulo Anguiano, “El Víbora”, Pedro García Adame, “El Seri”, Conrado Davis Verdugo, “El Judío”, José Jesús Palacio Madueño, “El Güero Chuy”, and Melquiades Palacio Madueño.

Additional recognitions were presented to several of the city’s founding fishermen who are still alive: Alfonso Cinco Ruíz, Manuel Montaño Real, Rosario Martínez Favela, “Chayito Favela”, Juan Esteban Borboa Arce, “EL Bitin Borboa”, Rubén Sosa Adame, “El Chino pobre”, José Luis Quintana Lucero, “El Pelón Quintana”, Marcos Ángulo Sandoval, Laureano Blanco Romero, José Antonio Sanabria Collazo, and El Capitán Sanabria”.


Extension of fishing restrictions in Upper Gulf of California

By José Antonio Pérez

May 31, 2017. Fishing restrictions in the Upper Gulf of California are to remain in place until sustainable techniques and nets are in place to care for the environment while protecting the endangered vaquita marina and totoaba, announced SAGARPA Director José Calzada Rovirosa during the 29th meeting of the Interinstitutional Operations Committee for Comprehensive Care of the Upper Gulf of California.

The head of the Secretary of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fishing, and Feed noted steps the federal government has taken to preserve the endangered vaquita marina are unprecedented, adding this area is one with the most surveillance in any fishing area in Mexico.


Peñasco present at SonoraFest 2017 in Bisbee, AZ

By José Antonio Pérez

May 30, 2017. Puerto Peñasco was present at this year’s Sonora Fest 2017, which for the first time ever merged with the traditional “Be Bisbee” festival in Bisbee, AZ in showcasing the richness, culture, gastronomy, and opportunities in Sonora. Tania Félix Pérez of the Puerto Peñasco Convention and Visitors Bureau (OCV) noted several mayors and representatives from Chamber of Commerce from across Arizona visited the stands during SonoraFest, where Puerto Peñasco touted its proximity to Arizona, natural beauty, hospitality, and services.  She added the majority of those at the event included families and retirees.  Félix Pérez furthered Bisbee also provided a great opportunity to promote the upcoming Rocky Point Rally 2017 (Nov. 9 -12) as there were several bikers at the Memorial Day weekend event.


35,000 visitors in Puerto Peñasco over Memorial Day Weekend

By José Antonio Pérez

May 29, 2017.  As in recent years, Puerto Peñasco once again welcomed a healthy flow of visitors over the U.S. Memorial Day Weekend, with approximately 35,000 vacationers visiting the area. This represents economic revenue of nearly 35 million pesos, expressed Convention and Visitors Bureau (OCV) President Héctor Vázquez del Mercado, and a 90% average occupancy rate at area lodging options.  Based on numbers from Memorial Day weekend, with the majority of visitors coming from the U.S., it’s now possible to highlight good expectations for 2017 summer tourism in sustaining the 8% growth in tourism so far this year.


Sonora Aquaculture Institute seeks to preserve totoaba through reproduction

By José Antonio Pérez

May 29, 2017.  The Sonora Aquaculture Institute (IAES) reports the first spawn from young totoaba obtained between 2012 and 2013 as part of work to preserve and protect Sonora’s natural riches. IAES Director Marco Linné Unzueta Bustamante stated this forms part of the State Development Plan of Governor Claudia Pavlovich Arellano.  Unzueta Bustamente detailed the IAES has had a Totoaba Wild Life Preservation Unit since 2011, with the goal of preserving the currently endangered species. This includes biotechnology to boost totoaba reproduction, which now in its fifth year has led to the first spawn of totoaba from those captured between 2012 and 2013. He detailed the totoaba obtained over the years have produced more than 8 million fertilized eggs, and IAES has a second generation of totoabas produced in the lab, all of which represents preservation of the species.



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