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December 14, 2019

Demolition of guard shack at entry to Las Conchas aims to guarantee free transit

By José Antonio Pérez

The security gate located at the entrance to the Las Conchas subdivision, which had been closed down since February, was demolished on Monday, May 27th following administrative procedures begun in March of last year, detailed Puerto Peñasco mayor Kiko Munro.

The mayor stated this action guarantees the right of free transit to everyone along what is a municipal road, following a lack of documentation accrediting the appropriate and justified operation of the guard shack.

He mayor reiterated the Las Conchas homeowners association had been required to show congruent permits for land use, construction permits and permission to operate a security gate, without having produced said documentation.

He stated his regret in having to reach the point of demolishing the guard gate, noting his administration has been open to reaching an agreement concerning debts owed to the municipality by the Homeowners Association for potable water and trash collection, as well as for construction permits and licenses.  These debts, he stated, add up to 5 million pesos.  He detailed that judicial procedures are still being pursued as his administration is fighting for the interests of Peñasco’s citizens, without this implying any impact to future investments or tourism.

The mayor underscored these actions are not being done either arbitrarily or unilaterally, rather his administration is solely working to ensure compliance with the law without impacting city assets and services.

The security gate at Las Conchas had been in operation since 1990, or rather for nearly 30 years. More than 550 homes, either for permanent residents or that serve as vacation spots, are located along the 8 kilometers of beach front area.

demo-las-conchas-gate-guard-03-1200x675 Demolition of guard shack at entry to Las Conchas aims to guarantee free transit



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