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UTPP students awarded cruises for Home Port business ideas

By José Antonio Pérez

July 13, 2017. The local Convention and Visitors Bureau (OCV) recently presented certificates valid for 7-night cruises to the Caribbean and Alaska to students from the UTPP (Technological University of Puerto Peñasco) who took part in the “Go Cruise” contest meant to encourage youth to contribute business ideas related to tourism, and specifically Peñasco’s future Home Port.

Winners were selected from 24 participants on 12 teams in pairs, each with projects aimed at creating better and environmentally sustainable tourism services. Congratulations to Sara García Ruiz, Alba Miriam Moreno Valenzuela, Andrea Othón Espinoza and Betzabé Bonifacio Ortiz, who currently pursue culinary and business development studies at UTPP.


Offshore shrimp from Mexico approved for U.S. market

By José Antonio Pérez

In late June, the Mexican shrimp fleet, which of course includes Puerto Peñasco, once again received certification for offshore shrimp on the U.S. market for having demonstrated efficient programs to protect sea turtles during shrimping season.  This certification came after PROFEPA (Federal Environmental Protection Attorney) and CONAPESCA (National Fishing Commission) welcomed officials from the U.S. Department of State and National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration (NOAA) in the Fall of 2016 and early 2017 to review several ports along the Pacific coast and Gulf of Mexico.  These visits determined the Mexican fleet meets national and international regulations concerning the protection of sea turtles while preventing their accidental capture in commercial shrimp nets.


OOMAPAS furthers intense desilting program

Press Release.

Puerto Peñasco, Sonora. July 12, 2017.  Jorge Pivac Carrillo, Administrative Director of the Municipal Operating Body of Potable Water, Sewage, and Sanitation (OOMAPAS) reports implementation of a program to desilt the city’s potable water lines has had positive results, providing for better distribution and supply across Puerto Peñasco. He detailed currently the draw from 10 wells located in Ejidos Agua Zarca and Kennedy is that of 430 liters per second, though sand is part of this extraction which over time has clogged up lines, leading to drops in pressure in some parts of the city.

Notable increase in fires

By José Antonio Pérez

July 11, 2017.  In recent weeks, in hand with the increasing temperatures, there has been an at least 70% increase in fires across Puerto Peñasco, reports Francisco Javier Carrillo Ruiz, Director of Civil Protection and the Fire Department.  Carrillo Ruiz noted while faulty gas or electric lines have been a factor, along with lots filled with dry debris, most of the fires have been caused by burning of trash that has gotten out of control.  From two to three reports of fires weekly, this number has gone to six or seven, though none of these have had fatal consequences.  For any questions regarding stationary propane tanks, gas or electric installations, as well as wiring or other electric installations, residents are asked to visit the Fire Department for a review.







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