Creative detours in Rocky Point

SAM_0013-620x465 Creative detours in Rocky PointUpdated Jan. 13, 2012

Around the Christmas/New Year’s holidays we ran a short article about driving tips in and around Rocky Point. As we prepare for another holiday weekend, we’d like to note that there is still plenty of work going on to help improve the city streets though this may mean creative detours through some areas,  as well as a bit of jostling to and fro.

One of the largest projects still going on is right as you enter the Old Port, though we are happy to report the newly paved road (on the right hand side) into the Port, by the boat launch area and leading to the malecón, is open and smooth! A drive around the malecón, plus sunset views or a walk along the “boardwalk” area is worth it!! Leaving the Old Port is where the adventure continues to captivate audiences.  After rounding the corner by Viña del Mar hotel, plan to make a left onto the road leading back by the school. Just after the school, you will take a right and be sure to carefully maneuver up the street (noting the extensive road work that will bring paved streets and new sidewalks and curbs to the entire area – yeah!). At the top of the hill you’ll turn left (carefully) and this will lead you back toward the Old Port entrance. I would suggest turning right at the corner just before you get to Mercedes if you are working your way out of the port. If you are heading to Mercedes or by the Friendly Dolphin, you can pull up and park relatively near the shop though it would probably be best to leave the Old Port by doubling back and down the street by Luis & Gaby’s frameshop.

Other road improvement projects around town that may lead you to discover some of the “off the beaten track” streets in Rocky Point include:

* Calle Plutarco Elias Calles (this heads off Calle 13 toward the Playa Bonita area) roadwork is currently about five blocks past the SeaSide Reservations office and it is relatively easy to maneuver your way to the Sandy Beach road with a few darts and dashes on sidestreets

* Blvd. Fremont (by the main Fire Department) – *Looks like they got this done today!*  It seems work is being done to repair some water leaks in the area so I recommend turning right just behind City Hall (if/when you find yourself on Fremont) and then left at the first stop sign (there is a park just catti-corner).  Drive down about 3 blocks and then left again and viola…back on Blvd. Fremont!

* Blvd. Josefa Ortiz – some work being done right around the intersection of Josefa Ortiz and No Reelección

As always, please be safe around town and drive carefully!




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