Coyote rescued in port area freed in desert

By José Antonio Pérez

A coyote spotted in the port area earlier this week, tucked away in the restroom of a seafood processing plant, was later released back into the desert.

Erick Francisco Gastélum Pacheco from Animal Control of the Municipal Health Office, reported the coyote was approximately 6 months old and did not seem to show any signs of problems during his capture/rescue.  He furthered sighting of the wild animal in the bathroom of the seafood processing plant was reported in the early hours of September 27th.  Officials then proceeded to remove the coyote, deciding to immediately release it back into the desert as it did not appear to have any significant problems or illness.

The Animal Control officer detailed if one were to spot a wild animal, such as a coyote in this case, recommendations are to not try and trap it, but rather notify C4 Health Office (by calling 911).




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