Covid-19 health restrictions suspend nautical tourism

By José Antonio Pérez

In adherence to the “Stay at Home” statewide strategy due to the Covid-19 coronavirus, as well as federal health measures, as of March 28th all nautical tourism in Puerto Peñasco and ports throughout the country have been suspended.

Harbor Master Luis Castro Galán detailed the restriction, which applies to individuals and license holders, is for an indefinite period given there is no specific date as to when the health alert will be lifted.  In the specific case of Puerto Peñasco, this includes day/sunset cruise boats, banana boats, jetskis, parasailing, and any other boat related to tourism activities.

He clarified this suspension does not apply to fishing boats, as they are part of the essential services to help feed the community.

The Harbor Master emphasized no permits will be issued during this time to individual or tourism boats, and sanctions will be applied to those who disregard the suspension.



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