Covid-19 Curfew & Preparations in Peñasco

By José Antonio Pérez

Puerto Peñasco under Citywide Curfew through April 20th

Given State and Federal declarations of health alerts due to Covid-19 coronavirus, Puerto Peñasco has joined various municipalities across Sonora in decreeing a “toque de queda” (citywide curfew) as a preventative measure.

At first, the curfew had been set for 8 p.m. – though changed to 10 p.m. through 6 a.m.  Puerto Peñasco mayor Ernesto Kiko Munro noted this will remain in effect through April 20th.

During the curfew period, only those with a medical emergency or with some other justifiable work or health reason may be out.  Others will be asked to return to their homes, and if found violating the curfew repeatedly sanctions may apply.

Red Cross ready with special ambulance for coronavirus transfers if necessary

One of the ten ambulances of the Puerto Peñasco Red Cross is especially equipped to transfer possible covid-19 patients if necessary, detailed First Responder Coordinator Rubén Barajas Jaime.

On instructions of the state delegation of the Mexican Red Cross, both the ambulance as well as emergency staff are ready, if necessary, for transfers. This includes special equipment for the ambulance, as well as protective suits, gloves, and goggles for staff.

The local Red Cross is located on Blvd. Freemont

cruz-roja-quedateencasa Covid-19 Curfew & Preparations in Peñasco

Health Center puts health control filter into place

Anyone who visits the Urban Health Center of Puerto Peñasco for attention to health needs is guaranteed service, via control and protocols established due to the coronavirus pandemic, reported Centro de Salud director Juana Ortega Saucedo.

A health control filter set up at the access point to the facility aims to give priority to individuals with acute respiratory infections. Other medical consults will be provided to those with any other type of ailment.  The Health Center director explained people cannot come into the Centro de Salud until they have gone through the health control point and filled out a simple questionnaire in order to dismiss any possible Covid-19 symptoms.

As of March 25th, she stated, half of the staff will be working three days a week while the other half remain home and taking turns.

Ortega Saucedo clarified while they have not seen an increase in the number of consults for respiratory conditions in Puerto Peñasco, she urges everyone to follow all prevention measures and not panic in the event of any respiratory infection.  She recommended anyone visiting the Health Center for a consultation to come alone, and for just one adult to accompany any child requiring a consult.

In addition, regardless of measures that have been taken due to the Covid-19 health alert, the Center is continuing their current vaccination campaign for polio and other vaccines. Two modules have been set up (one inside the Center and one outside) for the vaccination campaign, which began March 23rd.

The Centro de Salud is located near the intersection of Blvd. Juarez and Calle Simon Morua.



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