Countdown to Spring Break: Dining on a budget

In the March issue of JoinUs, shared some ideas about dining options around Rocky Point on a Spring Break budget….no, carbohydrates do not just come from beer!

Check it out!  Plus, be sure to check out the Drink and Dine  part of RockyPoint360 for more dining ideas!!

Rocky Point a la carte!

By Shandra Keesecker-Rivero (a.k.a. Sami Rivero)

For a Spring Breaker on a budget, here are some tips to help explore all of the great dining options Rocky Point has to offer while having some pesos leftover for a cerveza or two. A disclaimer, there are plenty of terrific fine dining options in the city (too many to mention here) including at local resorts and around town and if you have the chance and the pesos, be sure to visit all that Rocky Point has to offer (from dining establishments within resorts to up on Whale Hill, and then around town from the Old Port to along main streets in town and tucked into commercial plazas and also out in Cholla Bay). Here, we’ll try to stick the main Spring Break food groups: tacos & burritos, hotdogs, burgers, wings, pizza, and pollo.

Tacos, tortas & burritos
There are lots of taco options around town that offer carne asada (beef) tacos and, one of my favorites, tacos al pastor (pork). Individual tacos tend to run about $1 – $1.50 US a piece and come with all the trimmings of salsa choices, chopped onion, radishes (on the side), chopped lettuce or cabbage, and even guacamole at times. Some of the best places make their own tortillas right there on the spot! Caramelos – kind of like a quesadilla with carne asada – are awesome! Not into tacos, there are also great torta places (sandwiches) in town with quick and delicious bites to get you on your way – also at great prices of around $2 to $3 US. Plus, burritos are always a favorite and one place you have to stop (for the mega-burrito lover) is Burritos Padilla on Ave. Sonora in town – just ask around. While on the topic of burritos, the breakfast burritos at Reggie’s 8/12 on Ave. Sinaloa (plus doughnuts) are also a Rocky Point tradition. Most taco places open around early afternoon and are open late into the night. Again, some of the best taco places are family-run and sometimes even can be found on their porch of one’s home!

IMG_0679-620x413 Countdown to Spring Break: Dining on a budgetFish/Shrimp Tacos
Of course being in Rocky Point, you have to sample the fish and shrimp taco assortment across town. In many of our favorite fine dining spots, menus will also include individual fish/shrimp tacos with delicious toppings. Again, ordering by the taco can help save on pesos and still fill you up. Individual fish or shrimp tacos tend to start at about $2 US.

Hotdogs, burgers, wings & pizza
Yes, you’re in Mexico and we would appreciate it if you get out and taste the local flavors of Mexican cuisine…one of which also includes the Sonoran hotdog wrapped in bacon. Hotdogs in Mexico are usually also topped with a mix of chopped onion, tomato, and serrano pepper – they’re awesome! Sometimes though it’s also nice to kick back with a burger or wings, and of course then there’s pizza (with some places that deliver around town). Someone once told me the best onion rings are over at Brothers’ Pizza on No Reeleccion, and they just may be – the pizza is excellent too! Another popular spot for everything from pizza to wings and pricier dishes is Capone’s on Av. Sinaloa on the way to the Mirador. Craving a hotdog US style? A relatively new addition to Rocky Point’s hotdog offerings is JB’s House of Dogs right on Blvd. Juarez (next to Casa Bonita) and they’ve got great prices and parking in the back – plus they’ve got German bratwurst, Polish dogs, chili dogs, and even corn dogs! The wings and burgers from Latitude 31 to El Conejo del Oeste and then Ricky’s Wings are all worth trying out while you’re here in town!

Rotisserie-style pollo is a wonderful thing here in Rocky Point! This is perfect for a group of people as you can usually order or a whole chicken that comes with lots of trimmings including tortillas, salsas, onions, chopped cabbage, and more salsas at a great price! There’s of course Pollo Lucas and Pollo Papago on the main Blvd. Juarez through town, but there are also Pollo Sinaloa spots across the city. Whether getting a pollo to go, or dining under a pollo palapa – this is a great wallet friendly option.

Last but not least – breakfast!
Plenty of spots around town offer great breakfast options, at good prices, plus a number of breakfast buffets are available. From coffee and carrot cake at Mario’s organic coffee on the way to the old port, or bagels at Max’s and apple streudel at KaffeeHaus, or maybe biscuits and gravy plus sweet rolls at Giuseppi’s on Blvd. Fremont, or the great dishes out at Xochitl’s (Sally’s) in Cholla Bay, and of course the great buffets at Los Juanes in the Mirador, Miguel’s at Peñasco del Sol hotel, or out at Mayan Palace, (and more) are all muy ricos!



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