Costume Contest for International Recycling Day May 17th

With the goal of promoting recycling among children and youth, the Municipal Ecology Office in coordination with the Office on Art & Culture invites the community to take part in a contest to display the best costumes made from recycled materials.

The contest, announced by Alma Yanes, Deputy Director of Ecology, will take place on Wednesday, May 17th at 5 p.m. at Plaza del Camarón (Shrimp Plaza). May 17th is International Recycling Day.

Participants can range from 6 – 14 years old, with costume entries made from recycled materials such as boxes, bottles, paper, cardboard, corks, tops, etc.  Judges will evaluate creativity plus original costume design.

“Our goal is to motivate children to care for, protect, and respect the environment through recycling,” added Yanes.

Prizes for the costume contest will be give out to the top three costumes, and are made possible through sponsors including EcoFun, Los Martíne, de Guille salón, and

Those interested in participating can sign up at the Ecology Office (back side of City Hall), the Casa de Cultura (across from City Hall), or at the Municipal Library (next to Casa de Cultura).

17-mayo-reciclaje Costume Contest for International Recycling Day  May 17th



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