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August 19, 2019

Contest aims to dress up road to La Cholla

In an attempt to fill the “curios” area toward La Cholla with color, “Beautify your Street” organizers invited shopowners and artista to take part in the program set to wrap up on September 6th.

Ellie Balderrama, together with Eddie Wharez and Erick Plata of Global Artefacts, came up with the idea with the sole goal of planting a seed among businesses in the area of “los curios”, together with artists, to add color to the street and hopefully see the dynamic grow to other spaces.

Balderrama detailed the idea is for painters to work without limits and take advantage of spaces, such as walls, pillars, and even metal screens by adding some color.

“It’s about encouraging them to breathe life into their spaces, giving them love and color. There are a lot of commercial spaces and they’re all together, and hidden. Yet when they’re closed you can’t tell who is working or not. That’s why images can be done on the metal shades, in taking advantage of this space,” she furthered.calle-bonita-prizes Contest aims to dress up road to La Cholla

Wharez, whose shop is in the Curios area, indicated this is a pilot project and if it works the idea is that it have a domino effect and take place in other spots, on other streets.

He added the idea is also for artists to promote their work among businesses, who in turn will benefit from the spruced up space.

The contest, which was launched August 10th will wrap up September 7th, when work will be photographed and voted upon via Facebook.

Through additional donations, prizes have increased to:

1st place: $7000 pesos

2nd place:  $5000 pesos

3rd place: $4000 pesos

For more details, please contact:  EddieWharez@hotmail.com    638 384 0066  or  Ellie  at 638 380 3625 / US cell: 323 308 5688



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