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December 14, 2019

Construction begins on Encántame Towers!

By José Antonio Pérez.

An 82 million dollar investment is going into construction of the Encántame
Towers complex in the area of Playa Encanto in Puerto Peñasco, which is to
include three towers housing over 300 condominiums.

At the launch of the project, Sonora Economy Secretary Jorge Vidal Ahumada
remarked twelve years had to pass
before Puerto Peñasco was to obtain an investment of such magnitude as that
currently underway by MG Developments.

On behalf of Sonora governor
Claudia Pavlovich Arellano, the state official emphasized the tremendous
investment, after over a decade, demonstrates the trust in the work of Governor
Pavlovich as well as what the municipality of Puerto Peñasco can offer national
and international visitors.

He stressed this represents
revival of commercial real estate in Puerto Peñasco as well as renewed
confidence on behalf of the bank, which had withdrawn from any project in Puerto
Peñasco for several years.

On behalf of Governor
Pavlovich, the Economy Secretary thanked Miguel Guevara Askar and MG Developments
for betting on Sonora in undertaking this project, which will change the face
of Puerto Peñasco in providing economic revenue for commerce, and more jobs.

Miguel Guevara remarked
that after over 10 years he decided to invest in construction of these
condominiums, given the tremendous tourism and economic potential of Puerto

He highlighted seven
years of consecutive growth in the area of tourism in Puerto Peñasco, adding it
is a formidable time to do things and a golden opportunity.  

Puerto Peñasco mayor Ernesto
Munro underscored this investment in the municipality is a boost as it will further
revive the economy in benefit of the community.

He further stated this
illustrates confidence of investors and visitors, which is a tremendous
opportunity for the municipality’s growth.

Encántame Towers is the third investment project for Puerto Peñasco in 2019. February marked the beginning of construction on Real Center Rocky Point commercial plaza with an investment of 50 million pesos, which will create 50 direct jobs and 80 indirect jobs; and in April it was announced that 100 million pesos would be invested in the reactivation of the third phase of Las Palomas, which will bring in 500 direct jobs and 750 indirect jobs.

IMG-20190525-WA0163 Construction begins on Encántame Towers!

Encantame-towers-sales-office-01 Construction begins on Encántame Towers! Encantame-towers-sales-office-02 Construction begins on Encántame Towers! IMG_7241 Construction begins on Encántame Towers! IMG_9990 Construction begins on Encántame Towers! IMG_9997 Construction begins on Encántame Towers! IMG_0001 Construction begins on Encántame Towers! IMG_9998 Construction begins on Encántame Towers! IMG_7235 Construction begins on Encántame Towers!






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