Concrete Futuro garners award for filmmaker

Contributor: Braulio Castro of Atomic Skate
For those of you that want to see a positive documentary that took place in Rocky Point:
Last month CONCRETE FUTURO held its World Premiere at the Montauk Film Festival.
The screening was a great success and we’ve just learned that Jade Porter was awarded the Outstanding Female Content Creator Award for ‘Concrete Futuro‘ by New York Women in Film and Television.
The award aims to highlight a female filmmaker’s achievement in a cinematic endeavor highlighting themes of conservation, sustainability and community. In their words:
“CONCRETE FUTURO went beyond simply telling a story about one person’s quest to build a skatepark for his community- but highlighted what is possible when we come together, support one another and dream for a better future. The Montauk Film Festival and New York Women in Film and Television are proud to be able to present this film to Jade Porter.”
The film is now available on YouTube, and free for the world to enjoy.



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