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November 13, 2019

Commemorating ABC

abc-pasitos2 Commemorating ABCWhite balloons drifting up into the sky, accompanied with emergency fire drills, were part of activities at area daycare facilities in commemoration of the 5th anniversary of the ABC daycare fire in Hermosillo, in which 49 young children died.

Although the more than 30 children who filed their way out the doors of “Pasitos” daycare of SEDESOL to release white balloons with the names of the 49 into the air had no idea what they were commemorating, all gladly participated in the event. abc-pasitos-simulacro Commemorating ABCWith the unique delight of children, the little ones opened their hands to release the helium balloons that were soon lost in the sky.

Just before the balloon release, and with the help of their “aunties” and daycare director Angélica Torres, the children went through a fire drill to check response time in assuring prevention in case of any emergency.

Various daycares across Puerto Peñasco participated in similar acts to remember the tragedy that struck grief into the 49 families, and the entire state of Sonora (and the nation) on June 5, 2009.



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