City steps up to fill pot holes along Caborca – Peñasco Highway


Given the upcoming arrival of thousands of vacationers for Spring Break and Semana Santa, the local administration has once again begun work to fill in pot holes along the Caborca-Puerto Peñasco highway, which has remained abandoned by the Local Road Board of the State.

The disastrous state of the highway at the southern access to Puerto Peñasco has led to a series of accidents, which is why the local administration led by Prof. Gerardo Figueroa Zazueta hired a company to carry out work in an effort to guarantee the safety of both Puerto Peñasco residents and those who visit us.

“For a fifth time, we are using our own resources on a highway whose maintenance falls fully to the State Government,” indicated the Mayor, “Nevertheless, given the apparent lack of attention we have had to step up again as we do not want more accidents during this vacation period.”

Road repair along this important access into Puerto Peñasco consists primarily in filling in pot holes, as well as leveling and sealing. The work is employing paving materials and asphalt emulsion, among other components, and is focused on the most deteriorated stretches of the highway.

Figueroa Zazueta stated that Puerto Peñasco is more and more the most important beach destination in Sonora, which is why his administration is concerned and working to guarantee the safety of drivers and their families who use these routes, although their maintenance is the sole responsibility of the State government.

“I am extremely concerned about the safety of families that use this highway, and those who plan to visit Puerto Peñasco in the upcoming vacation period. This is why we have set to repairing the highway, although it doesn’t fall to us we have a moral responsibility to safe guard the integrity of our people and those who visit us,” he emphasized.

Current work on the Puerto Peñasco – Caborca highway should be concluded prior to the heavy tourism flow. Nevertheless, anyone traveling along this road is urged to be cautious and drive at moderate speeds in order to minimize risks of accidents given the presence of working crews.



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