City remains alert for 2021 hurricane season

The forecast for the 2021 hurricane season anticipates between 15 to 24 weather systems in the Pacific Ocean. Of these, at least three could impact Puerto Peñasco, reported Civil Protection and Fire Coordinator Alan Ontiveros López.

Ontiveros López detailed experience from previous years is of tremendous help in working to prevent any possible new emergencies during the present hurricane season, which ends November 30th.

The Coordinator of Civil Protection and Fire stressed while the hurricane season is just beginning, rain could impact Puerto Peñasco and so it’s important to check homes and maintain areas that are prone to flooding within the urban center. This includes careful revision and maintenance of sea walls in front of beach homes and establishments.

Available shelters and temporary refuge during weather emergencies include:  Central Fire Department (Blvd Carrillo/Fremont), the ITSPP university grounds, Secondary School No 37, and the Municipal Gym if necessary.

According to the Weather Channel, Puerto Peñasco temperatures through the end of July and into August range from 85°F in the evenings to 97°F during the day, with a feels-like temperature of over 100°F and more than 50% humidity.



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