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August 21, 2019

City perseveres with alternative approaches in supplying water to neighborhoods

Puerto Peñasco, Sonora. August 4, 2016.  Parallel to current steps to resolve the deep-rooted problem of Puerto Peñasco’s water supply, at a cost of 20 million pesos to be invested in rehabilitating wells and the water distribution network, the City is continuing with the task of supplying water via water tanks to homes across the city.

The alternative program implemented by the Municipal Water Office (OOMAPAS), together with Public Services, consists of trucking water pipes around the clock to the San Rafael and Nuevo Peñasco neighborhoods, among others, in addressing the various requests from the community.

To such respect, the City Administration is make sure water delivery is supervised, timely, and done by City staff, in order to guarantee equitable distribution of the vital liquid within neighborhoods.

At the same time, engineers from the technical area of OOMAPAS have held meetings with neighborhood residents to detail the magnitude of work being done to address the state of abandonment of infrastructure left by prior administrations, given the lack of interest in confronting one of the most important areas of human subsistence, or rather that of an adequate water supply.

Mayor Kiko Munro called on citizens to write down details regarding water tanks being sent out and to report any anomaly that may arise, or in which the drivers themselves are partaking, as he had specified services provided through City resources are to be completely free.

The mayor requested Puerto Peñasco residents understand the present situation, though underscored his administration is working on solutions for both this and other problems that have arisen due to lack of interest on behalf of prior administrations, which today have led to a negative impact on the community itself.



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