City offers free “camioncito” service until gas supply normalized

Puerto Peñasco, Sonora. Jan. 8, 2017.  Given gas shortages across the city, Mayor Kiko Munro has illustrated his solidarity with the community by offering free transportation service on the city’s three “camioncito” bus routes until the issue is resolved.

The mayor explained, due to social movements against the rise in gasoline prices which led to blocking of gas supply transports in Baja California, his administration has taken steps to assist families.

He further expressed his unconditional support for peaceful protest against the price increases, detailing that students, workers, families, and anyone who may require transportation services can use the 3 bus routes free of charge until gas supply issues are back to normal.

The mayor added his administration has drawn up a demand that will be presented, along with that of the “No al Gasolinazo” social movement, to the President of the Republic, as well as to congressional representatives, calling for the rejection of fiscal reforms while seeking to reverse or modify the law concerning Special Tax on Production and Services (IEPS).

Comments and questions can be directed to: (638) 380-2632.



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