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July 19, 2019

City Council approves Electoral Law 187

Puerto Peñasco, Sonora. May 14, 2017.  During their 21st ordinary session, City Council members unanimously approved Law No. 187, which reforms and adds several provisions with respect to electoral matters to the Political Constitution for the State of Sonora.

The electoral reform encompasses regulations pertaining to political candidates, fairness, and gender equality in the selection of candidates, greater faculties of the State Electoral Board, as well as possibility of reelection for up to two mayoral terms and three for local representatives.

“This initiative ensures progress made to modifications of the Mexican Constitution, with respect to the reelection of local representatives and municipal authorities, in states that have already presented comprehensive changes to Congress in regard to local election ordinances,” detailed the mayor.

In Sonora, he furthered, modifications have been made so that city authorities can be reelected for an additional term, while local representatives can be reelected for up to three terms.

“The proposal provides for reelection of authorities during the upcoming elections of July 1, 2018, thereby altering the initial proposal for this to take effect in 2021,” the mayor explained.

Law 187 recently received unanimous approval in the Sonoran State Congress, obtaining momentum and the consensus of state political forces.



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