City continues to promote connectivity and investment for Puerto Peñasco

Mexico City, April 17, 2016.  Officials from the local city administration met with members of the National Airborne Chamber (CANAERO) to promote new flights for Puerto Peñasco, which complements steps that have already been taken to improve connectivity and investment.

Economic Development Coordinator, Rubén Sánchez Lizárraga, along with Business Development Director Jorge Valdés Félix made a presentation to representatives from Copa Airlines, American Airlines, Lufthansa, and United regarding the virtues and infrastructure of Puerto Peñasco, along with the potential of this beach destination.

Sánchez Lizárraga remarked, “It is a priority of Mayor Kiko Munro that we continue to promote Puerto Peñasco’s connectivity with the world.”  He added, “Representatives from United and American Airlines expressed interest and asked for additional information to share with their respective companies.”

Sánchez Lizárraga and Váldes Félix also met with executives from Volaris, who are analyzing the feasibility of providing connections with Tijuana, BC or Los Angeles, CA.

Sánchez Lizárraga noted TAR airlines (Transportes Aéreos Regionales), will begin Thursday and Sunday flights between Cd. Juarez – Puerto Peñasco now to begin on the new agreed upon date of July 21st.

The two Puerto Peñasco city officials also met with hotel business owners who are evaluating the possibility of new investments in the city.



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