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2017 Children’s Council in honor of International Children’s Day

Press Release

Puerto Peñasco, Sonora. April 26, 2017.  Mayor Kiko Munro symbolically swore in the 2017 Children’s Council at City Hall in honor of the April 30th celebration of International Children’s Day.  The Children’s Council then held an ordinary session in the City Council chambers, where they unanimously approved calls to municipal authorities for a local ordinance to protect children and teens, as well as provisions for rescuing public spaces on the malecón and along city beaches for the benefit of Puerto Peñasco families.  The children then accompanied city officials to their respective offices for the day, including Child Mayor Yari Paulette Núñez Castillo who accompanied Mayor Kiko Munro.


Bee hive notice

By José Antonio Perez

April 24, 2017.  Civil Protection and Fire Department director Francisco Javier Carrillo Ruiz notes during Spring reports of bee hives tend to increase, calling on the community to not disturb hives for safety reasons. He detailed his department has been addressing an average of ten to twelve cases regarding bees weekly.  While there have been reports of bee attacks, none of these have been serious.  He notes if you spot a bee hive, the most important course of action is to not disturb it.  Emergency # 911


One more month for Red Cross Annual Collection

By José Antonio Perez

April 24, 2017.  In the first 30 days of the annual Red Cross collection, they have managed to raise just over 320,000 pesos, which is well over half this year’s goal to raise 400,000 pesos, indicated Board President Julio César Valenzuela.  Collection efforts will last through May 30th.  Valenzuela notes if fundraising remains on track, they will soon be able to build a first-rate clinic at the facilities of the existing Red Cross on Blvd. Fremont.


Mayor emphasizes positive results over vacation operative

Press Release

Puerto Peñasco, Sonora. April 24, 20017.  More than 230,000 people visited Puerto Peñasco over the periods of Spring Break and Semana Santa, reported Mayor Kiko Munro. The Municipal Safety Department detailed from March 10th – 19th and April 13th – 17th, 106 members of the department worked around the clock in the three shifts, along with support from 19 service units distributed in points with the highest tourism flow.  These efforts included 40 State Police and 11 support units along with 26 members from the Higher Public Safety Institute (ISPPE).  The Municipal Civil Protection Unit reported they responded to 41 incidents, among these 11 accidents or turnovers involving ATVs and Rhinos.  Meanwhile, the Red Cross reported having provided 307 services over the Semana Santa period, principally stemming from road accidents, wounds, and contusions.






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