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Mayor leads ceremony to commemorate Centennial of 1917 Constitution

Press Release.

Puerto Peñasco, Sonora. Feb. 3, 2017.  Together with civil and military authorities, Mayor Kiko Munro led ceremonies on the malecón to commemorate the centennial celebration of passage of Mexico’s 1917 Constitution.

“1917 was a critical point in Mexican history, as our Constitution was the first in the world to speak of social rights,” he detailed, “Furthermore, the Magna Carta allows us to envision Mexico in the XX century, as well as our present, and the future of our nation.”

On February 5, 1917, Venustiano Carranza, Head of the Constitutionalist Army, presented Mexico’s current constitution at the Theater of the Republic in Queretaro. The constitution went into effect that same year.


Progress on projects across city

By José Antonio Perez

Feb. 2, 2017.  Terencio Gutiérrez Valenzuela, Municipal Director of Public Projects, Urban Development, Ecology, and Public Services is confident work on 38 infrastructure projects across the city will be completed on time, detailing current progress ranges between 15% to 90%. Among the numerous projects, investment for which totals just over 115 million pesos, work on renovating public and recreational spaces has easily topped 90% and should be completed soon. On the other hand, the nearly 30 million peso investment to renovate the baseball stadium has currently advanced about 15%.

On the road to Whale Hill (toward La Casa del Capitan), Gutierrez detailed there has been 50%-60% progress and they believe work should be completed prior to the busier times of Spring Break and Semana Santa.  This project represents an investment of nearly 7 million pesos.  It is also worth noting, all four-lanes on Blvd. Fremont are currently open to traffic though additional work is being done on sidewalks and at the intersection with Blvd. Josefa Ortiz de Dominguez.


Health ban on bivalve mollusks due to Marea Roja

By José Antonio Perez

Feb. 2, 2017.  As of January 27th, the extraction, sale, and consumption of bivalve mollusks has been temporarily prohibited due to possible negative effects from what is called a “marea roja” (red tide).  The measure, which extends to the sale of oyster, clam, mussels, snailfish, and scallops, among other bivalve mollusks, was issued by the State Commission on Protection of Health Risks (COESPRISSON).  It is important to note there have been no cases of contaminated mollusks detected in Puerto Peñasco, nor has anyone reported intoxication due to consuming products that could be impacted by the red tide.


Repair work on Peñasco-Caborca highway

By José Antonio Perez

Jan. 30, 2017.  Given serious deterioration along some stretches of the Puerto Peñasco – Caborca State Highway, the municipal administration is beginning to put necessary materials toward filling holes along the important route.

Terencio Gutiérrez Valenzuela, Director of Public Projects, Urban Development, Ecology, and Public Services detailed while the State highway is not directly the responsibility of the city, they are going to use part of the 60 tons of polymer layer obtained for use within the urban center on the road.  In direct conversations with the State Highway Board, he detailed, following budget cuts the state office has been working to address stretches of the deteriorated highway. However, recent rains uncovered the pot holes once more and so the city will work on repairs.







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