Celebrating 5 years of the Tourism Auxiliary Unit

On June 3rd, a simple yet moving ceremony honored the 5th anniversary of Puerto Peñasco’s Tourism Auxiliary Unit (TAU), created in 2016 to assist and guarantee the safety of visitors.

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A celebratory breakfast, held at Cielito Lindo of Sonoran Sky, praised the work of the 23 current members of the Auxiliary Unit. Together with Puerto Peñasco mayor Kiko Munro, Fernando Anaya and Jim Ringquist of Sonoran Resorts presented special acknowledgments to three of the TAU’s founders: Commander Carlos Bravo Martinez, Francisco Leyva Montijo, and Jorge Daniel Gómez Contreras.

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Mayor Kiko Munro highlighted the well-deserved moment, honoring five years since the TAU’s creation. He stressed this is something Puerto Peñasco needed to strengthen overall attention to tourism. When at one-time people did not know where to go, or who to turn to, he remarked, the work and efforts of the Tourism Auxiliary Unit has created a better image for the destination as a whole.

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Fernando Javier Anaya Millán, General Director of Sonoran Resorts, together with Sonoran Resorts Sales Director Jim Ringquist, noted the importance of providing a time to honor members of the Tourism Auxiliary Unit.  Anaya Millán remarked the idea to create such a Unit had been presented for quite some time, and finally became a reality in 2016. He expressed the Tourism Auxiliary Unit project has been successful, is strong, and should continue.

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Inaugurated in the Spring of 2016, Puerto Peñasco’s Tourist Auxiliary Unit (TAU as frequently called in English) carries out multiple functions in town, including at times that of first responders. The agents, who can be found in various high tourism spots throughout the year, have all received first-aid training in order to help address emergencies.  Commander Carlos Bravo details the TAU can also respond to assist with taking blood-pressure checks in tourism areas, as well as other needs such as applying shots.

The Tourist Auxiliary Unit  can be reached at 382 8413 or by dialing 911, which will also connect directly to the emergency system.  Their offices are located at the Peñasco EXPO Convention Center on Blvd. Rodger & Jeanette Clifton (extending from the “Rodeo Drive” curios market).

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