Casa Hogar launches “Adopt an Abuelo” program

adopta-abuelo-2015The José Dávalos Home for the Elderly, affectionately known as “Casa Hogar”, welcomed a new board on August 5th who has already launched an “Adopt an Abuelo” program to help address needs at the center.

Santiago Ruíz, incoming Board President for Casa Hogar that is currently home to 22 individuals, explains the goal of the Adopt an Abuelo campaign is to gather more support for the ongoing operation and maintenance of the home. In addition, Ruiz, who was a constant volunteer at the home well before becoming Board President, hopes this effort will bring Casa Hogar and its occupants nearer to the community.

The “Adopt an Abuelo” program consists of donors providing 200 pesos (about $13 US) monthly for 3 month periods at a time (600 pesos / aprox. $40 US). If donors so wish, they can continue participating in the campaign after a three month break. The “break” Ruiz explains, is to help ensure people who wish to donate do so gladly and are not personally affected in their own expenses.

This is just one of the programs being launched by members of the new board, which is made up of President: Santiago Ruiz, Vice President: Virgen Zepeda, Secretary: Isaias Lopez, and Debra Valdez Huerta as Treasurer.




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