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September 19, 2019

Buen Viaje don Jorge Pivac Grgich

This year, Puerto Peñasco said goodbye to don Jorge Pivac, one of the founders and early business leaders who breathed live into the local fishing sector as well as into industry across the city.

After battling with an illness that had afflicted him for years, don Jorge Pivac Grgich began his final journey on November 20th, leaving a vacancy both within his family as well as among the pillars of tourism and fishing in Puerto Peñasco.

Mr. Jorge Pivac Grgich, originally from Croatia which at that time was part of Yugoslavia, arrived in Puerto Peñasco at just 22 years old, in 1958.

At still a very young age, he ran the business of his uncle Esteban Pivac Allach, where he developed as a businessman who in a short time after arriving in this port began to diversify his businesses.

This is how Pivac Grgich entered into the fishing as well as shipbuilding industry, along with ranching, tourism, and commerce.

Don Jorge Pivac was known as being a straight talking person (in his Yugoslavian accent, which despite living in Mexico for so many years he never quite lost), and distinguished for his passion for fishing above everything else.

He was also known for his ease in making friends, his entrepreneuring spirit, and overseeing his work, more so than staying in his office.

He is remembered fondly by his friends and family.

Shortly after his passing, anecdotes appeared on the community Facebook page entitled “El Viejo Peñasco,” including this comment by Joaquin Hernández: “He has gone, a man who knew how to be a friend of everyone, from the most humble watchman on his boats to the highest politican or businessman. He leaves behind a memory of a hard working visionary man, with defects and virtues as anyone.”

Buen viaje Don Jorge Pivac



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