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August 19, 2019

Brayan Portillo: Top champion at 6 years old!

At just six years old, Brayan Portillo has already donned the title of top goal scorer at a national soccer tournament, and he’s already traveled to represent Sonora in various competitions.

Far beyond spending time playing videogames on a tablet, Brayan Portillo – who just recently graduated from pre-school – spends his afternoons getting ready for the next challenge and that includes more than just one sport. Brayan takes time to train in working to be the best in both his favorite sports: baseball and soccer.

Brayan is the youngest in a family that has already represented Sonora in national tournaments on seven occasions. His sister Reyna participated in two important sports competitions, while his brother Damián has five national medals and his father, Damián Portillo, is an active baseball and soccer player.

The athletic family environment is one of the main encouragements for Brayan, who from his early years already showed signs he would be following in his father and siblings’ steps, accompanying them to athletic fields ever since he was a baby.

“El Chicharito”, as he is also known, began playing soccer at three which is also when his fascination began with baseball.  His coaches Missael Salazar and Keiko Mendoza encouraged him to pursue both sports fully. At the same time, as a student at Nueva Creación preschool he stood out as sergeant in the honor guard, and has participated in important roles in numerous school activities.

For his family, who discovered Brayan’s talent and drive to go after both baseball and soccer, it hasn’t been easy to make sure the young athlete is always able to make it to represent the municipality and state in different cities where he’s called. That’s why each time a new competition comes up the family puts on fundraising activities, including selling hamburgers, ceviche, or wings – as well as raffles and seeking out sponsorship from businesses and individuals.  Rocky Point 360 is pleased to have been a recent sponsor to help in some small way with Brayan’s participation in national competitions.

brayan-3 Brayan Portillo: Top champion at 6 years old!Yet, it’s all been worth it, because Chicharito has been able to show that his drive motivates him to stand out in all that he does, and particularly in sports. This training has led Brayan to be selected for state teams in Hermosillo, which then led to him being selected – along with Liam Serna – to the national team in Mexico City. This past July, Brayan was recognized as the top scorer in Mexico City. By the way, he also was selected to the national baseball team to play in Piedras Negras, Coahuila.

For Brayan’s mom, Cinthya Espinoza, he’s still just the little one at the house. She knows though he may be small, he has big dreams…dreams that include Messi, who Chicharito admires and whose steps he’s following, though in the meantime he’s celebrating being 6 years old as National Scoring Champion!



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