Beach closure expected to be favorable for turtle nesting

By José Antonio Pérez

The absence of humans on Puerto Peñasco’s beaches for more than a month and a half may favor increased sea turtle nesting later this year, reported Luis Cesar Garcia Gonzalez, Director of the Federal Land and Maritime Zone.

Garcia Gonzalez noted, with this possibility in mind, preparations are underway to protect turtle nests along our coast line, adding they rescued nearly 1,400 sea turtle eggs in the past two years.

He also asserted that since the sea is cleaning itself, marine wildlife sightings have increased, including of species that usually do not approach Puerto Peñasco coasts due to human activity. This is one reason they anticipate there will be more turtle nests along local beaches this year.

While there is no precise date for the sea turtles’ arrival, it is very possible this will occur beginning from August on, as in previous years.  While we wait till August to see if more turtles arrive to nest on our shores, we can all celebrate World Turtle Day on May 23rd!

Puerto Peñasco beaches have been closed for over a month and a half now, though coastal clean-up work persists as the sea continues to expel waste despite the absence of humans.

Areas that are constantly being cared for include: Playa Hermosa, Playa Bonita, Sandy Beach, Cholla Bay, Mi Playa, El Mirador, La Bajada boat launching area, the tourist corridor, as well as all beach access and parking areas.

cedo-tortuga Beach closure expected to be favorable for turtle nesting



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