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August 24, 2019

Another way to help Amores de Peñasco

Contributor: Kathleen Duncan

I have been offered the opportunity to partner with the North Phoenix Kiwanis Club in a way that the [Amores de Peñasco Children’s Crisis Shelter] will be able to benefit, due to their status as a Qualified Tax Credit Charity in AZ (formerly AZ working poor charity). This will enable AZ taxpayers to essentially support Steps of Love (our non-profit here in the U.S. that helps support Amores de Peñasco) without it costing them anything in the end. Here is how it will work:

1) ‘Steps of Love’ has entered a team in the North Phoenix Kiwanis Club’s walk-a-thon which will be held at Metrocenter Mall the morning of on October 18th.

2) Because the North Phoenix Kiwanis Foundation is qualified as an AZ Charitable Tax Credit organization, donations of up to $200 for individuals and $400 for those who file jointly get a dollar for dollar tax credit. So, donors essentially get their donation back when they file their taxes (their State Tax bill is reduced by the entire amount of their donation)

3) After the event the Kiwanis Club makes a donation to the shelter equal to 70% of all the tax credit donations that our team brings in for the walk-a-thon. The other 30% of each donation remains with the Kiwanis Club’s Charity which helps support kids from low income families in the Washington School District.

Although this works the same as the AZ private and public school tax credit donations that many in AZ are familiar with, it is another, completely separate tax credit opportunity and it can be made in addition to the school tax credits. There is no limit to how many tax credit donations we can bring in for the walk-a-thon and so this is a great way to for us to raise some much needed money for the Amores de Peñasco shelter without hurting your pockets!

So, if you any of you have not already made your maximum AZ Charitable Tax Credit donation for 2014 I would really appreciate your using the form provided to make a donation of $200 or $400 to the North Phoenix Kiwanis Foundation. I would also really appreciate you sharing this information with your AZ friends and family and anyone else who may be interested in taking at least a little of their State Tax money and directing it to this cause rather than the AZ Department of Revenue this year!
Thanks in advance for your support!

amores-walkathon-form Another way to help Amores de Peñasco



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