Annual Red Cross Drive Underway thru May 8th

The Red Cross delegation in Puerto Peñasco kicked off its 2022 collection drive on April 4th with the goal of raising 400,000 pesos (approximately $20,000 US). The annual drive, which runs through May 8th, started up with an initial donation of 20,000 pesos (roughly $1K US) presented by mayor Jorge Pivac Carrillo, with the promise of an additional 30,000 pesos before the campaign wraps up.

Irma Rojas Herrera, Red Cross Administrative Coordinator, detailed the campaign will once again implement methods of collection cans and fundraising through businesses, among other strategies. She detailed this annual campaign is one of the institution’s main sources of income in sustaining services across the city and region. She noted principal annual expenses include approximately 600,000 pesos for fuel and nearly 1 million pesos for payroll.

The Administrative Coordinator emphasized the local Red Cross is solely sustained through voluntary donations and does not receive an assigned budget from any governmental office or organization.



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