and for lunch… tortas!

The other day, after running around all morning we decided to search out a simple lunch spot so we could eat, run, and get on our way. We thought about two or three of our regular selections, and finally decided to try out a new spot…which brought us to El Infiernillo Toluca style Tortas. This is located right at the corner of Blvd. Juarez and Calle 11 (across from Pemex by the Circle K and ExpoTile). How interesting that though it has a bright sign, and is accessibly located right there on one of the main city streets we had yet to try out the Tortas. What a delight it was to find out their tortas (sandwiches) were packed with original “torta” flavors we first became accustomed to in central Mexico. They’ve got milanesa (kind of like chicken-fried steak in a sandwich), pierna (pork leg), cubana (a mix of meats), and the scrumptious “choriqueso” – which is chorizo and cheese.  Well,  we were quite satisfied with our tortas that are also available at a great price…plus, they deliver! El Infiernillo Tortas is run by owner Juan Manuel Sanchez Rebollo and his children (Juan Manuel and Ingrid) and we encourage you to drop by and try it out!

Hours: 9 a.m. – 8 p.m. daily  Tel: 388-8911

We’ve already added this to our list of dining spots….please tell us about your favorites! Drop us a note:


Corriendo toda la manana decidimos buscar un lunch sencillo para continuar con nuestros trabajos. Pensando en dos o tres opciones que comunmente escogemos, decidimos finalmente conocer algun lugarsito nuevo, y asi llegamos a tortas el Infiernillo-estilo Toluca, ubicados en la esquina de Blvd. Juarez y Calle 11 (frente a la gasolineria y circulo K). que curioso que con un anuncio tan llamativo y estando en el Blvd. principal no habiamos probado sus tortas,  y fue una gran sorpresa al descubrir su sabor de “torta” original, con opciones entre tortas de milanesa, pierna, cubana, y la exquisita “choriqueso”, bueno, quedamos simplemente satisfechos de disfrutar las tortitas, que ademas, estan a muy buenos precios.

El negocio es atendido por sus propietarios Juan Manuel Sanchez Rebollo e hijos (Juan Manuel e Ingrid), es muy recomendable por su rico sabor y la higiene en la preparación de las tortas. no dejen de probarlas !

tambien cuentan con servico a domicilio al tel: 388-8911
Hours:   9 a.m. – 8 p.m. daily /diario



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