Amerimed comes to Puerto Peñasco

Contributor:  Dr. Ron Ridgway

April 2014

On April 12th, Judy and I had the pleasure of meeting with Dr González to discuss the changes coming to his hospital over the next several months. Work is currently underway and Dr. González expects most everything in place in “about 6 months”. Both he and Amerimed are anxious to move as quickly as possible.

In the past couple of weeks the purchase of Sandy Beach Medical Center by the Amerimed company to establish Hospital Amerimed Puerto Peñasco was completed after months of negotiation. The result is Dr. González becoming Medical Director  and co-owner of the new hospital which will continue to operate during the extensive architectural changes to the existing building bringing in new and advanced  CTSCAN radiology equipment, surgical equipment, expanding emergency rooms and adding treatment rooms  along with surgery and hospital recovery rooms and actual hospital rooms so patients don’t have to be transported elsewhere unless absolutely needed for the patients well being.

Highly trained staff members are in place now and new medical personal will be arriving very soon which will allow 3 fully staffed medical shifts to operate the hospital 24/7 year around. There will be medical doctor specialists in cardiology, gastroenterology, orthopedics, radiology, plastic surgery and several other areas. This hospital will have all the staff and equipment for these doctors to perform their specialty work so patients won’t have to be transported to Hermosillo or other large cities, it can be done here in Rocky Point.

Amerimed will be accepting most of the major medical insurance companies from the U.S. and Mexico and the policy Dr. González offered is being reworked and will be available at the hospital. This is outstanding, especially for those of us that live here as well as for visiting guests to Rocky Point. There will be complete information coming from Amerimed related to insurance coverage along with basic medical costs in the very near future.

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Be sure to check often as updates will be coming as the hospital development moves forward.

Photos and text by Dr. Ron Ridgway

Amerimed llega a Puerto Peñasco

Por Dr. Ron Ridgway

Posterior a varios meses de negociación, durante las últimas semanas se logró la compra del Centro Médico de Sandy Beach por la Compañía Amerimed, para establecer el Hospital Amerimed de Puerto Peñasco. Por lo tanto, Dr. Gónzalez será el Director Médico así como el co-propietario del nuevo hospital, la cual continuará ofreciendo sus servicios durante el tiempo de cambios arquitectónicos al edificio actual, proyecto que traerá nuevo equipo avanzado de tomografía, equipo quirúrgico, salas amplias de urgencias, así como cuartos de tratamiento y de recuperación.

Es importante destacar que Amerimed aceptará las pólizas de seguro médico de una mayoría de las compañías de seguro de los Estados Unidos así como de México, incluyendo el seguro de los Veteranos de los Estados Unidos de América, y en cuanto esté actualizado el servicio de póliza médica por Dr. Gónzalez, esta también estará disponible en el hospital.

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