AIM Peñasco inaugurates school cafeteria

By José Antonio Pérez

Areli Peralta Zurita, Public Relations director for AIM Peñasco A.C. (Integral Assistance for Minors in Puerto Peñasco), announced the opening of a new cafeteria at the Nueva Creacion elementary school, which served 356 breakfasts and 273 lunches in its first week.

The school meals program, launched in coordination with Nueva Creación principal Silvia Guadalupe Martínez Varela and cafeteria supervisor Monserrat Calderón, is meant to feed 205 children a day who had previously been identified by teachers and school staff. Cafeteria staff itself is made up of students’ own parents, as well as AIM School Cafeteria supervisor Griselda Arredondo Rivera.

Peralta detailed the meals program will only cost parents a total of 5 pesos weekly per student, while also being sustained by cash and/or in-kind donations from across the community.  All students attending the school will have the right to cafeteria service, and those unable to pay the weekly amount of 5 pesos shall be eligible for support from AIM as part of the broader program “Jóvenes en Ascenso” (Youth on the Rise).

The AIM Peñasco Public Relations director also extended an invitation to local artists to share their talent by helping to paint the school cafeteria, helping to ensure a warm and colorful Disney themed environment.

Anyone interested in donating whether cash or in kind, please visit:

– AIM offices  located at the corner of Fco. I. Madero & Comonfort, or call (638) 388 5434.

– Hacienda del Sol located on Benito Juarez Boulevard #356, with Pedro Bejarano.

AIM Peñasco, which is associated with the non-profit organization Steps of Love in Arizona, is a Mexican Civil Association that seeks to support students with various needs by increasing their capacity to achieve successful academic development.



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