AIM opens 4th Homework Club

By José Antonio Pérez

AIM Peñasco, AC (Comprehensive Assistance for Minors in Puerto Peñasco) recently celebrated the opening of their fourth Homework Club with a mini-Olympiad for 35 prospective students. With inauguration of this fourth homework club, AIM now provides support for nearly 250 students in helping to strengthen their academic foundation.

These clubs are focused on educational activities that promote academic balance (bringing children’s educational level up to their appropriate grade), providing tools for homework, and motivating students through recreational activities.

Carolina Pacheco Robles, Executive Director of AIM Peñasco, stated AIM currently assists 250 basic education students and actually “aims” to double that number by the end of 2019.

Pacheco Robles explained the importance of showing the community the positive results these clubs are having, so that parents know they are leaving their children in a safe environment that will strengthen their academic education.

AIMpenasco is a Mexican Civil Association that supports people, programs and projects working to improve the lives of children in need in Puerto Peñasco.  Their sister organization “Steps of Love” is based in Phoenix, Arizona.



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