Agreement on opening of Arizona-Puerto Peñasco Trade and Tourism Office

By José Antonio Pérez

Arizona house legislator Tony Rivero joined Puerto Peñasco Mayor Kiko Munro and Tohono O’odham Vice Chairman Verlon Lopez on Friday, May 25th, to sign an agreement for the opening of an Arizona-Puerto Peñasco Trade and Tourism Office. The goal of such an initiative is to strengthen ties and coordination in promoting development, investment, and jobs.

María de Jesús Cervantes of “Chicanos por la Causa”, a community empowerment organization across the Southwestern US, along with political advisor and US-Mexico bilateral affairs expert Dr. Juan Hernández were also on hand for the announcement, which Cervantes deemed helps promote and strengthen ties between Sonora and Arizona as a MegaRegion.

Verlon Lopez of the Tohono O’odham Nation applauded the effort and emphasized the Tohono O’odham Nation’s interest in “building bridges, not walls.”  Similarly, House Representative Tony Rivero, who serves as Arizona Congress Chair of the International Affairs Committee, detailed the Puerto Peñasco-Arizona trade and tourism office comes after over two years of coordinated work with the municipal administration. He also stated his support of NAFTA, as the objective is to continually promote stronger relationships among countries in promoting tourism, investment, and jobs.

The recently announced Puerto Peñasco-Arizona Trade and Tourism Office, which will be coordinated by Alan Rentaría, is expected to open within the next two months once a location is confirmed and will also provide a direct line to the US for emergencies.  Contact:




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