Aero Calafia anticipates Puerto Peñasco – Tijuana flight for April

Next year, Puerto Peñasco will once again plan to bolster aerial connectivity, this time linking our seaside destination with Tijuana, Baja California.  The route, recently formalized through an agreement of the City Government, Aero Calafia, and private investors, aims to take flight in April 2022.

dec-aerocalafia-press-conf-1200x900 Aero Calafia anticipates Puerto Peñasco – Tijuana flight for April

Fernando Antillón, Director of Puerto Peñasco’s International Mar de Cortés airport, affirmed the anticipated flight reflects the joint effort of the local government and tourism providers.  He stressed, even before coming into office in September this year, mayor Jorge Pivac Carrillo had expressed full support in seeking further connectivity and options to attract visitors and development to the city.

dec-aerocalafia-jorge-1200x800 Aero Calafia anticipates Puerto Peñasco – Tijuana flight for April

Aero Calafia commercial director Aldo Leyva detailed following much negotiation, the reality of the round-trip Tijuana-Puerto Peñasco route would be the first step for a continued presence of the airline in the region.  He clarified the intent is to not to come in and solely operate for a few months, but rather generate conditions in order to operate year-round while possibly exploring further routes in the future.

Puerto Peñasco mayor Jorge Pivac Carrillo applauded the agreement signed with Aero Calafia, which is a regional leader in Northwestern Mexico that currently operates 23 commercial routes.  He detailed the goal is for the Aero Calafia Puerto Peñasco – Tijuana – Puerto Peñasco flights to begin in April, 2022, initially on two days weekly. Dates and costs are yet to be defined.



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