Adopt-a-Classroom school supply drive

Hopes are the upcoming school year will once again provide for in person classes at schools across the city.  Several groups and organizations are busy readying school supply drives, including the Adopt a Classroom program of Barbara Olszewski.  Barb tells us that spiral notebooks in particular are a huge need throughout the year, along with any general school supplies people may be able to help out with!  GRACIAS!

Contact for more info or donations welcome at

Learning Center

Among her many activities, Olszewski has also been engrossed in the development of a Learning Center at the “La Esperanza para Nueva Vida” community center in Col. San Rafael.  The learning center itself arose greatly from the challenges presented over the past year from Covid, and changing the way kids are learning. Donations of building materials, as well as computers and accessories have helped bring the learning center to fruition.

If you can volunteer your time, an unused computer, groceries, or money, it would be gladly welcomed. If you have a skill and would like to teach it to willing students, child or adult, they would be happy to have you.



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