430 baby turtles released in Puerto Peñasco in 2018

By José Antonio Pérez – Photos: Tony Ballesteros

This year, Puerto Peñasco had reports of nearly 700 sea turtle eggs collected from nests along area beaches, resulting in the release of 430 baby sea turtles for the season.

Luis César García González, Coordinator of the Federal Maritime Land Zone (ZOFEMAT) detailed a 61% success rate for sea turtle eggs collected from the nests, which were then cared for in artificial incubation. He noted 2018 results were similar to those of 2017, which ended with the collection of 700 eggs and the release of 400 baby sea turtles.

García González expressed the arrival of sea turtles to Puerto Peñasco’s beaches reaffirms last year’s historic season, stating efforts will be maintained to address turtle nesting as numbers appear to be on the rise.

dic-2018-tortugas-T-Ballesteros-3 430 baby turtles released in Puerto Peñasco in 2018
Photo: Tony Ballesteros. Turtle Release Puerto Peñasco Dec. 7, 2018

2018 Turtle notes:

  • Of the 10 nests detected, eggs were collected from six for artificial incubation while the other 4 were left to naturally develop
  • 696 eggs were taken into artificial incubation
  • Eggs taken into incubation this year had come from nests on Playa Encanto, Mi Playa, Las Conchas, Sonoran SPA, Esmeralda, and CEDO
  • Sea turtle egg removal and incubation is done through coordinated work of ZOFEMAT, PROFEPA, other local institutions, along with biologist Itzel Cárdenas



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