2nd official Covid-19 case confirmed in Puerto Peñasco

7-mayo-sonora-s 2nd official Covid-19 case confirmed in Puerto Peñasco
*Data to May 7, 2020

By José Antonio Pérez and Shandra Keesecker-Rivero

A second case of coronavirus Covid-19 in Puerto Peñasco was officially confirmed on Thursday evening, May 7th, by Sonora Secretary of Health Enrique Clausen.   Clausen emphasized Sonora is currently within the period of greatest risk of contagion in the state, though also with the best opportunity to control the pandemic.

The Health Secretary stressed economic reactivation in Sonora must be done based on facts, data, and statistics that point to minimal risk, as to the contrary the state would be opening the door to new outbreaks of the virus that could worsen the current situation.

In a Saturday morning radio interview on Ahora Noticias on La Reyna del Mar, Puerto Peñasco Municipal Health Coordinator Dr. Oscar Castro Castro detailed this second confirmed case in Puerto Peñasco is a woman who worked in the administrative area of a local fruit store and did not have contact with the general public. She had also been at home for the past few days after beginning to feel ill.  She is currently in Hermosillo with her husband, who are both in isolation, is in stable condition and under observation.

Authorities speculate the woman representing Puerto Peñasco’s second official coronavirus case caught the virus from a food supplier from Mexicali with whom she dealt in her closed office space.  Shortly following confirmation of the positive case, the epidemiological area of the local General Hospital closed down operations of the fruit store, located on Ave. Simon Morúa in the Col. Oriente, while local health authorities sanitized the space. The fruit store remains closed and fellow staff are in quarantine.

From March 16th – May 9th, 2020, the Sonora Secretary of Health reports the following with respect to Covid-19 in the state: Confirmed cases: 534, Deaths: 45, Recoveries: 73, Tests: 1791



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