2017-2018 Shrimp season comes to a close

By José Antonio Pérez

By mid-march, shrimp yields from the Puerto Peñasco 2017-2018 shrimp season were reported at nearly 1700 tons, pointing to a slight increase over last year. This can be deemed good in general, stated Federal Fishing Office Chief Salvador Sánchez García.  The fishing official noted Puerto Peñasco’s shrimp fleet closed out the season at midnight on March 10th, at which time the off-season went into effect.

Mateó López León, President of the National Chamber of the Fishing Industry (CANAINPES), noted along with acceptable yields for a third year in a row, Puerto Peñasco’s shrimp fleet stands out in quality as among the top three in the country. He detailed this year’s yields were predominantly U15 (jumbo shrimp), which is a size with high demand on the market, particularly for export.  This helped counter the negative impact of high costs this season, particularly for fuel.

Recent “Pink Gold” Yields

2017-2018  1697 tons  net weight 1400 tons

2016-2017  1649 tons

2015-2016  1624 tons

2014-2015  1745 tons




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