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August 21, 2019

2014 Hermosillo Book Fair honors Puerto Peñasco author

(Excerpts from ISC Press Release)

Prolific Puerto Peñasco author Guillermo Munro Palacio is being recognized at the 2014 Hermosillo Book Fair, organized by the Sonoran Institue of Culture, held at Galerías Mall Sonora from October 24th – Nov 2nd.

Munro Palacio will be alternating with fellow Sonoran writers in a vast program to include recent publications within the grasp of literature lovers.

IMG_2821-630x419 2014 Hermosillo Book Fair honors Puerto Peñasco authorThe Book Fair began on October 24th with recognition of Munro Palacio’s extensive background, having authored among various titles that of Las voces vienen del mar, De Regreso a Puerto Esperanza, No me da miedo morir, La ruta de los caídos (soon to be made into a film), and Hombres Valientes. Munro is also a film screenwriter, photographer, painter, cultural promoter and editor.

The gala evening on Sunday, November 2nd will include the presentation of Munro’s book No me da miedo morir, which was published by the Sonoran Institute of Culture.

Other Sonoran authors represented at the 2014 Hermosillo Book Fair include: Omar Gámez ‘Navo’, Josué Barrera, Juan Carlos Valdez, Rubén Meneses, César Gándara, Antonio Granados, Alfonso López Corral, Enrique Ramos, Salvador Flores, Marco Antonio Chavarín, and Ulises Lavenant.

More information: Feria del Libro Hermosillo at www.isc.gob.mx, on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/flhermosillo), Twitter (https://twitter.com/fdlhermosillo) y YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/user/ISCSonora, and join the conversation at hashtag #EsTiempoDeLeer.



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