1st American Football clinic – Miracle of Many

Though the annual Major League January baseball clinic had to stay in the dug-out this year due to Covid concerns, the Youth Sports Foundation teamed up with American football player Juan Roque for a 1st American Football Clinic held in Rocky Point over Presidents’ Day Weekend.

1st-american-football-clinic-2021-11 1st American Football clinic - Miracle of Many

Much as the baseball clinic, former professional players and coaches donated their time to work with young local athletes on the fundamentals of American Football and Flag Football.  In coordination with Municipal Sports, this first American Football clinic took place at the Francisco León García stadium and with sights set on also becoming an annual event.

Rick Busa of the Youth Sports Foundation shared, “Juan Roque, our head coach, had written this and I could not have said it any better. A follow-up to our football camp:”

The most gratifying and awesome experiences are when you start something and then fight like hell to make it happen. Such was the case with the football camp we had this weekend in Rocky Point for the kids. Months of planning, at times unsure if we would even make it to the day, yet it happened!  I learned when people come together at that critical moment great things occur, and this event was truly the miracle of many. It was an awesome experience and one we hope to replicate bigger and better every year.

A huge thank you to everyone involved who volunteered their time and donated equipment to make this a special day for the kids! We even had a Super Bowl Champion in the house with LB Darin Jordan hyping the kids up!

I also want to recognize Sunrise Mountain HC Steve Decker, Sunrise Mountain DC Bobby Ramirez, Outcasts HC, and my brother Brent Burnstein, Outcasts Coach Gabe Pico and of course former 49er Big D Jordan for bringing the passion and fire. I want to recognize Keiko Mendoza Sports Director for Puerto Peñasco for allowing us to host the event, provide support, and allowing us to use the stadium for the camp. Maria Ivyer Garcia for her work in setting up the event and making sure the details were covered especially at the end. Rick Busa for bringing the idea forward, helping put the pieces together, and making the introductions to realize this dream. Coach Marisol Cruz for her commitment to the project and help get the word out to the local kids. Jorge Andres Michea Garate for helping us translate and conduct the drills. Also, Coach Meza and Leo Peralta helped bring out the local kids. Last but not least Jose Boo for his passion, commitment, and perseverance in this project. There were moments we thought it wasn’t gonna happen but he pushed through it and got us to the day.”

Photos courtesy of: Puerto Peñasco Youth Sports Foundation



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