11th Annual Kino Walk scheduled for March 18th & 19th

The 11th Annual Kino Caminata will retrace the steps of Padre Kino, as well as where NASA astronauts left their mark, during the event to be held March 18th & 19th at the Pinacate Biosphere Reserve.

In exploring new routes, and more craters in the desert, the traditional Kino Caminata recalls the steps of Jesuit Priest Francisco Eusebio Kino through the Pinacate over 300 years ago.

Deputy Director at the Pinacate Reserve and logistical coordinator Horacio Ortega Morales detailed this year’s walk is one of the most ambitious they have organized, particularly as participants will have the opportunity to camp in the spot where NASA staff once carried out practice training prior to moon missions.

Historical Studies representative Roque Celaya, and event organizer, detailed they will be able to register between 100 to 120 people for this year’s event, who will be able to camp and make the approximately 3 kilometer walk to the craters, or rather just enjoy the desert landscape.  The event will also include exhibits about Padre Kino’s trek through the desert and his missions.

Nina Mier, Municipal Director of Art and Culture, detailed the event will start from Sonoyta, going in caravan 72 kilometers toward San Luis Rio Colorado before entering the Pinacate.  On this occasion, participants will be asked to pay 100 pesos per person, in addition to basic requirements including comfortable clothing, thick-soled shoes, water, and food.

a) Saturday, March 18 – 8 a.m. departure from Gasolinera Salcido in Sonoyta, Sonora.
b) Camping.
c) Families are responsible for their own food on Saturday. Another three meals are courtesy of the City of Puerto Peñasco.
d) Cultural activities begin Saturday March 18, at 7 p.m.
d) Conferences, exhibits, music.
e) Dinner.
f) Sunday, March 19th, hiking, lunch at 1 p.m.

Dirección de Arte y Cultura
Tel: (638) 383 3323   (638) 38 86375
Celular: 638 3806098
Correo electrónico: arteculturapp@gmail.com
Facebook: Arte Cultura Peñasco

kino-marzo2017 11th Annual Kino Walk scheduled for March 18th & 19th



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