10 years walking for Peñasco (now Mexico) Children’s Foundation

steve-Schwab-2012-9-620x413 10 years walking for Peñasco (now Mexico) Children’s FoundationThis Monday, Nov. 11th, Steve Schwab of SeaSide will be walking into town for the 10th year in a row following his Charity Walk to help raise funds for Mexico Children’s Foundation (formerly Peñasco Children’s Foundation). As he explains, when this year is complete it will be 2000 miles walked over the past 10 years.

Contributor: Steve Schwab

Can you believe it’s ten years already?

As you may have noticed by now we have changed our name of the charity.  Puerto Peñasco has been so good to me and my company, but we (Sea Side) have grown to service so many cities in Mexico that many of our franchised offices have come to know of children in their area also that need help. Obviously the staff from the other cities have asked to be able to contribute and help the children of their communities as well.  It’s for this reason I am proud to announce that the Peñasco Children’s Foundation is now the Mexico Children’s Foundation in order to serve more children in more of Mexico.

This year has seen a lot of amazing things with the foundation. We reached our 100th child’s medical need and been able to build a home for a family with 2 small children that were living in a home that was not much more than a makeshift cardboard box.  They were so grateful and the children’s health has been greatly improved by being able to live in their new modest home.

MCF-Schwab-620x344 10 years walking for Peñasco (now Mexico) Children’s FoundationOur new donation tracking software is launching and it is truly a revolutionary idea as to how a charity should operate everywhere.  Starting this month our charity’s exclusive custom built software will track every dollar you donate and what child it was spent on down to the last cent. I want to show you how EVERY dollar you donate is going directly to the children we are chartered to help. I think you should get to see your donations in action.  You will start to receive email’s automatically from our software every time we spend any part of your donation that shows the child you helped, and all their documentation.  I think this is unprecedented transparency for any charity at any level. I hope you think so too.

Together, we have lots more work to do.  Lots of children still need our help. Please join me to improve lives and show kindness by donating per mile to my upcoming 200 mile walk.   Please visit www.mexicochildrensfoundation.org and donate online.

For our long term supporters, I would like to thank you for the past 10 years of success to our grass roots charity. You have honestly made a huge difference in many children’s lives. I would also like to welcome all the new people who are taking interest in the foundation as it grows and expands, your support and donations are so important to this year’s Charity Walk.



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