Zipline suspended following weekend incident

By José Antonio Pérez

On Sunday afternoon, July 16th, three people were injured following mechanical faults at the Rocky Point Zipline located at La Loma (“Competition Hill”) on the way to La Cholla.  Municipal Civil Protection has since suspended activities of the extreme sport until the exact cause of the accident can be determined, and guarantees made regarding safety for those who use the zipline.

Of the three people injured, two were taken for further medical attention as they each suffered bone fractures. The third individual did not suffer serious injuries.  Those involved in the incident, which was first reported as an ATV accident, included a Zipline employee and two zipline enthusiasts.

Francisco Javier Carillo Ruiz, Director of Civil Protection and the Fire Department, reported while there is not yet an official report on the accident, apparently structural failure in one of the tension cables caused loss of tension in the main cable that led to two of the zipline users to hit the ground with their feet.  Carrillo Ruiz detailed zipline activities have been suspended until an external company can review the installations and confirm safety conditions are once again adequate.

Following the incident, Rocky Point Zipline immediately took care of medical expenses for the injured.  The Rocky Point Zipline, which opened in March of this year, offered 5 stages of line, one of which measures half a kilometer (approximately 1640 feet) making it one of the longest ziplines in Mexico.



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