Youth baseball clinics with Hands Giving Hope

Numerous promising baseball players in Puerto Peñasco have had the opportunity to take part in youth baseball clinics led by the U.S. based organizing “Hands Giving Hope.”

Henry de la Cruz, one of the main trainers of the annual clinic, indicated approximately 35 youth ranging in age from 13 to 16 benefit from these completely free training sessions, led by instructors from the U.S. with support from both he and Roberto López.

De la Cruz explained the Hands Giving Hope Foundation, led by Mr. Dennis Hislop, is in charge of providing equipment and support for instructors so the clinics can be held. In addition, the foundation helps sustain teams in the youth baseball league.

The foundation’s most recent baseball clinic in Puerto Peñasco took place Nov. 6th – 7th and included participation of young players who had been previously identified and are currently on local baseball teams.

The trainer stated the clinics, in addition to providing training and exercise, helps keeps the kids away from poor habits such as drugs or idleness. In addition, kids going through the clinic have the opportunity to travel on training exchanges to Arizona. —> Photo Gallery <—



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