Wind Generator arrives in Puerto Peñasco

Equipment for a wind generator, which is part of the Sonora Energy program, has finally arrived in Puerto Peñasco. As of August 11th, a brigade of workers has begun the process to put the generator together, reports Mayor Gerardo Figueroa Zazueta.

Due to the magnitude of the components, the equipment has created wild expectations among residents in communities along its path. The wind generator will measure more than 100 meters tall (approximately 328 ft.), while each of the three blades to be used measure 97 meters (about 318 ft.)  – or rather, similar to the size of a football field.

According to the Sonora Energy project, the wind generator will produce 5.4 million kilowatt hours annually, equivalent to the energy use of more than 2,700 people. The wind generator is estimated to have a useful life span of 20 years.

During the first phase, the Gamesa wind generator will benefit some 10,500 families in municipalities south of Puerto Peñasco in Federal District IV. The District’s main point is in Guaymas, Sonora, which is represented in Congress by Rep. Antonio Astiazarán Gutiérrez who has promoted this project.

Subsequently, a second generator is expected to be installed for the benefit of families in Puerto Peñasco. This will eventually allow families from our community to pay less in electric bills.

Mayor Figueroa Zazueta expressed congratulations for arrival of the wind generator, provided this means we are getting closer to the installation of a second generator for Puerto Peñasco, which will have a tremendous economic impact for homes in Puerto Peñasco.



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