Whale watching in Rocky Point!

SUP WhaleRP360: Following weeks of anticipation, on the afternoon of Feb. 2, 2016, Oscar Preciado of Del Mar Charters was happy to announce the winter whales were back! This opens up a great opportunity for whale watching trips on local boats. Just last year, who can forget the incredible picture of a local SUP-boarder’s up close and personal encounter with one of our winter visitors? Meet “whale girl” ….

Whale Girl

Contributor  Sarina Brown

Last whale season here in Rocky Point, I got a whale of a scare! My husband, friends, and I were out about 5 miles off the shore of the malecón when I decided to launch off of the boat onto my stand-up paddleboard. I paddled around for quite a while enjoying the tranquil water and warm day. I could see the spouts of some whales off in the distance and a couple of the boaters, including my hubby, were taking pictures of the whales. Then suddenly about 40 feet away from where I was surfing along, a big 80 foot fin whale popped up as if to say, “HELLO!” I was so startled that I almost tinkled in my pants. Pan in on the photo and you can see that hubby (local pro photographer Eric Brown) so happened to catch the exact moment, facial expression and all on film.

Last winter this photo went viral. So much so that people around town would see me, and not yet knowing my name, they would ask, “Are you the whale girl?” So the nickname is finally starting to wear off and gladly so as I have gained a few pounds since I moved to Mexico and the nickname was making me feel a little fat!

Sarina Long RealtyAbout the author – Sarina Brown, BSBA, is a licensed Realtor in Puerto Peñasco. She also serves on the board of the local realty association, AMPI. She has a true passion for the beach lifestyle and activities in our town.





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