Virgen de Guadalupe pilgrimages lead to celebration! 12/11

Celebrations to honor Virgen de Guadalupe

By Azucena Mazón

Virgen de GuadalupeFestivities to celebrate Mexico’s patron saint, la Virgen de Guadalupe, began on December first with nightly pilgrimages through town. These will culminate on December 12th with the participation of various sectors of the community who prepare a float and walk along the main streets of town while singing and praying to la Virgen, as is traditionally done this time each year.

The grand and final pilgrimage will take place on the evening of December 11th, at which time all participating groups will be joined by musical bands, fishermen, and floats, will depart the Port Chapel at 5 p.m.  and make their way to la Iglesia Guadalupana (Ave. Simon Morua) where 10 p.m. mass will be held. The mass will lead into a singing of “las mañanitas” (traditional birthday song) dedicated to the Patron Saint. A solemn mass will be held at Iglesia Guadalupana on Dec. 12th at noon, officiated by Bishop José Isidro Guerrero Macías.

As is tradition, streets surrounding Iglesia Guadalupana will be closed off to traffic making way for a street fair in which church groups will set up stands offering Mexican treats and champurrado (a hot maize and chocolate drink). There will also be a stage that will include performances by the likes of local bands Los Compas de Sonora, Los Hermanos Duran, Bando Arcoíris, Grupo Norte, BM (Musical Firemen), along with soloists Rabel Show, Veronica Franco, Clara Itzel Peralta, and the ballet folklorico from the Superior Technological Institute of Puerto Peñasco (ITSPP).

A firework castle will light up the night of Dec. 11th, which is set to be lit around 11 p.m.



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