Vehicles to Assist Emergency and City Services

In an effort to strengthen programs and actions of the present administration, Puerto Peñasco Mayor Gerardo Figueroa recently presented new vehicles to the local Fire Department, as well as to various City offices.

Nicandro Cornejo Torres, Fire Chief and Director of the Municipal Civil Protection Office (UMPC), explains acquisition of the two additional units for the Fire Department, consisting of a 1996 Blazer and 1999 Durango, was made possible through various activities including assistance with off-road races as well as donations and fundraising during the 2014 Rocky Point Rally. He added the vehicles will help strengthen the Department’s fleet.

The Mayor encouraged the community to continue supporting efforts of the Fire Department, as well as the local Red Cross, through contributions made during the yearly process of renewing license plates. Despite economic challenges, he remarked, it is important to continue supporting both institutions so they may have better equipment that in the end is a benefit to all.

Along with the fleet additions to the Fire Department, the Mayor also recently presented a variety of vehicles to a number of City departments. Acquisition of these vehicles was made possible through an investment of nearly 1.5 million pesos.

vehiculos-2015 (2)Among the vehicles recently delivered to numerous city offices are:

Municipal Sports Institute – Five 15 passenger vans to be used in transporting athletes, as well as for community services

Public Works – two double-traction Ford Ranger pick-ups and a motor grader for grading roads, with initial work to begin soon in the area of San Rafael

Municipal Trustee Office – Ranger pick-up to assist with work visits across the community, currently done through use of personal vehicles

The Mayor remarked the vans and pick-ups were acquired through City funds, while the motor grader was made possible through funds from the Rio Colorado Bridge Trust.



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