UTPP Culinary Arts students’ tasty Finals!

Students from the Culinary Arts program at the Technical University of Puerto Peñasco (UTPP) delighted crowd in malecón last Friday.

In the heart of Puerto Peñasco, along the malecón on Friday, April 17th, the “finals” event prepared by students pursuing a culinary degree at the UTPP proved to be well-attended and lively.

The culinary presentation put together by the young students delighted all present, which included parents, friends, teachers, university administrators, and the general public who all had the opportunity to sample a variety of international dishes, along with tasty drinks and exquisite bread made by the students themselves. Students presenting their “finals” included future culinary artists who are currently 2nd and 5th semester students at the Superior Technical University, as well as 8th semester students from the Culinary program itself.

All who sampled from the students’ culinary offerings agreed upon the wonderful quality and terrific flavors represented in the various dishes, which ranged from chicken teriyaki and yakimeshi to ceviche prepared in various styles, and from Italian pastas to delicious breads and drinks made to high culinary standards.

Culinary students were guided throughout the activity by professors: Gustavo Gutiérrez Cortés, Julio César Navarro Cota, Norza Pérez Esquivel, and Irving de los Santos Reyes whose instruction encompasses international cuisine, baking, operation of bars, and comprehensive general studies.

Additional special guests at the culinary sampling included UTPP Director Rafael Mendívil Millán, City Communications Director Cristóbal García Bernal on behalf of the Mayor, as well as Academic director Marisela Luna Domínguez and UTPP Networking Director María Eugenia Valenzuela Cota.



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